CANADACATALYST Calibration Services Request

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Weight Recertification Service (ISO 17025:2005 standard — controlled environment laboratory)

Item # Description Price Qty.
CA11033-498 Recertification of any weight from 1mg to 1kg (all classes) $57.50
CA11033-500 Recertification of any weight from 2kg to 5kg (all classes) $63.25
CA11033-502 Recertification of any weight from 10kg to 30kg (all classes) $74.75

Pipette Calibration (ISO 8655 standard, 4 repetitions / 3 volumes on each channel, complete maintenance)

Item # Description Price Qty.
CA11033-508 Calibration service 2 (single channel pipette), with certificate $38.93
CA11033-514 Calibration service M8 (8 channels pipette), with certificate $102.64
CA11033-516 Calibration service M12 (12 channels pipette), with certificate $114.71

Balance Calibration

Item # Description Price Qty.
CA11033-430 Balance certification & maintenance from $102.64
CA11033-446 Balance certification & maintenance, under ISO17025 standards from $175.09
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